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America's construction industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation towards environmentally conscious building. As a society, we have become more aware of our impact on the Earth, and recognize the need for earth friendly, energy efficient, and sustainable building and living. Many of us are making a commitment to reduce energy and water consumption, conserve natural resources, preserve habitats, and provide a safer, healthier environment within our homes and buildings, and throughout our community. Arcata ProFloor is dedicated to help facilitate your efforts to live a greener lifestyle.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing earth friendly or “green” products. Some of these factors include growing, harvesting, and manufacturing practices, VOC content (volatile organic compounds), value, suitability, durability, and even transportation. We encourage you to ask any of our sales experts to show you flooring that will help you make the right choice for your flooring needs.

Arcata ProFloor Abbey Design Center is proud to offer many flooring options that will help to conserve energy and preserve our forests and other resources, weather they are renewable, recycled, recyclable, or sustainably grown. We strive to offer a wide assortment of high quality, durable, and environmentally healthy products for a better tomorrow.

Arcata ProFloor joins with Abbey Carpet & Floor to encourage the manufacturing and purchasing of earth friendly products. We applaud the efforts of the vast majority of Humboldt County residence to reduce, reuse, and recycle. 


Wool Carpet adds value to a home and is the ultimate statement of style and comfort. Wool is a non-toxic and non allergenic natural fiber that is biodegradable and recyclable. Wool’s soft and natural feel to the hand and beauty under foot simply cannot be achieved with any synthetic fiber. Wool carpet has a superior texture retention, resilience, and wear than synthetic carpet, it has a natural and long lasting stain resistance, and it is naturally fire retardant. Wool carpet costs less over time because of its life expectancy and ease of maintenance.
Woven Carpet Methods
Wool Carpet Pad is 100% natural, made from the left over fibers from wool carpet. Wool pad biodegrades in soil within 2-3 years, absorbs VOC’s from ambient air, out performs synthetic fibers, and it is self-extinguishing. Wool carpet pad is very comfortable under foot, and has very good thermal and sound insulation properties.


Cork Flooring adds beauty and elegance to any décor. Cork flooring can increase the value of your home with an elegant and unique look. When durability and longevity are taken into account, cork flooring can be an extreme value when compared to other types of flooring. The bark of the Cork Tree is harvested without harm to either the trees or the surrounding habitat. Cork flooring is created from the post-industrial by-product of the bottle stopper industry. Cork flooring can also be refinished, adding to the life of the floor. Cork flooring is a natural inhibitor to mildew and bacterial growth, and natural Suberin, a main constituent of cork is an insect and water repellent. Cushion underfoot, due to the compression of the air-filled prism shaped cells of the cork bark, provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.
Cork Room Scene


Hardwood Floors suggest warmth and richness more than any other flooring surface. Hardwood rarely needs replacing, and increases in beauty over time. The timeless beauty and appeal of hardwood flooring accentuates any décor and will add a touch of elegance to your home. Hardwood flooring increases the value of any home, and can retain its beauty and elegance for many years with minimal maintenance. Many families are turning to hardwood flooring to help alleviate the frustration of allergies caused by dust and other irritants.
Hardwood Room Scene
Wool Carpet Room Scene


Linoleum Flooring has a unique satiny look that can add elegance and a touch of old world charm to your home. Linoleum is a natural product made from renewable resources such as cork flour, linseed oil, limestone, wood flour, and pine rosins pressed on a natural jute backing. Linoleum hardens and increases in durability of over time, but remains quiet and comfortable. Linoleum is a very popular choice for families turning to hard surface flooring to battle dust and other irritants that contribute to allergies and asthma. Linoleum inhibits micro-organisms from multiplying, and its anti-static properties inhibit dust from multiplying. Linoleum Click is linoleum flooring combined with a cork backing for floating installations. The cork backing adds comfort under foot and acoustical and thermal insulation.
Linoleum Room Scene


Bamboo Flooring can also add beauty and elegance to almost any décor. Bamboo is warm and inviting flooring with a natural exotic charm. Bamboo is a natural product made from the fast growing Bamboo plant. Growing in 4 to 7 years, Bamboo can regenerate itself quickly. Bamboo is a hard material, and most Bamboo comes with an Aluminum Oxide finish that is warranted for up to 25 years.
Bamboo Room Scene
Natural Fibers such as Abaca, Sisal, Coir, Seagrass, and Mountain Grass are natural products woven into durable, softer floor coverings that are gaining in popularity.

Green Synthetic Carpet is carpet made from recycled and/or recyclable fibers. These fibers include Triexta, extruded from corn rather than petroleum, PET made from plastic bottles, and Type 6 Nylon that can be recycled back into carpet fiber repeatedly.